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Over the years, table-top roleplaying games have had many ups and downs. Systems have come and gone while the classics have been through many edition changes - with differing results.

However in the UK things have been on a downward curve for many years. The loss of UK Gen-Con and the closure of several companies has meant the hobby we love has not had the recognition it richly deserves.


UK is going to help to stop the rot. In the past few years there are the green shoots of revival. Companies such as Chronicle City and Cubicle 7 are releasing award winning, genre defining products and events such as Dragonmeet and UK Boardgame Expo bring the hobby to the masses. Even podcasts such as GMS Magazine are promoting the hobby with fantastic interviews and features. However things are still not all rosy with many shops closing down or not offering the service or assitance required for the hobby to grow.


However despite this there are a myriad of systems, games, designs and companies. To try to support them all would be an impossibility. Vampire the Masquerade, Tunnels and Trolls, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Runequest, Marvel Superheroes, HERO, Champions, Dark Heresy, MouseGuard, Legend of the Five Rings, GURPS, Warhammer RPG, Boot Hill, Savage Worlds..... I could go on for a long time. However I have decided that primarlily we should support the three main systems - Pathfinder (number one system for the past two years), Dungeons and Dragons (the daddy of roleplaying and one currently in the chrysalis of a new version), Call of Cthulhu (one of the best supported and most engaging horror systems around). In addition I want to support the UK RPG publishers Cubicle 7, Modiphius and Chronicle City. I will also look to support quality products such as Shadows of Estren.


This site is a totally independent website, dedicated to bringing the best sites, resources and tips for GMs (or DMs) and players. We will give information as to clubs or meets around the UK and will enable you to get the best for your game. However it is only as good as what we all put in so please help, give me your tips, advice, latest data and if anything is incorrect or inaccurate I will correct it immediately.


DM Keith - March 2014

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