What is a tabletop RPG?

A quick guide


find out what is so special about tabletop RPGs and how best to get started

Dungeons and Dragons

The oldest and the best


Often imitated and sometimes bettered.

Now up to its 5th edition - find out what made each edition unique


The new kid that became the king.


The crunchy 3.5 clone that has become its own phenomenon.

Find out why....

Shadows of Esteren

Agate Publishing


One of the most exciting settings and systems available. A mixture of Game of Thrones meets Cthulhu in a gothic setting.

Modiphus Entertainment

Home of many UK Titles


Achtung Cthulhu

Conan - Age of Dreams


Muntant Cronicles


Home of Cthulhu


Despite problems and diffculties, Chaosion has roared back with seventh edition