As the uproar about D&D fourth edition reached fever pitch and as the edition wars (Pathfinder vs D&D) became more viscious, a lot of gamers wanted to go back to a simpler time, when dwarf was a class and a mgic missile hit automatically.

Podcasts like Save or Dive and Roll for Initiative fed the fire for a return to basic and first edition gaming. However there was a problem. These rules were no longer available and in fact first TSR and the WOTC had ensured shops gave up their stock when new editions were released.

Luckily a number of enterprising companies began to release their copies of the old rules. Some of which are featured here for your delight!!



Frog God Games decided to make Swords & Wizardry Complete totally free in pdf, once their current kickstarter reached a certain number of backers. Here it is. Feel free to download!



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