Name: Players Options: Heroes of the Feywild

Publisher: Wizard of the Coast

System: Dungeon and Dragons 4th Edition

Author: Thompson, Claudio Pozas, and Steve Townshend

Category: Hardback Book - DnD Supplement

Cost: $29.95

Pages: 160

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-0-7869-5836-8

This follows close on the heels of Heroes of shadows and to be honest raises the bar yet again. This is what the initial class expansion books (Primal Powers, Martial Powers etc) should have been. Many of the podcasts talk about the fluff or the meat well this has an excellent balance of both and WOTC should be congratulated in finely getting it right.


The setting is the magical plane of the Feywild, the home of Eladrin, Faeries, Pixies and other magical folk. The book sets the scene well, highlighting the magical setting and comparing it to the fairy-tales and Folk talks of yore. The book has little tales throughout which can be excellent inspiration for character background and DMs alike. It highlights the main areas of interest including the Isle of Dread that seems to tip a wink to the old X2 scenario.


The character classes are also interesting with the “Female only” Hamadryad and the “Male only” Satyr. The other race is the diminutive Pixie that could lead to interesting role-playing and class creation…..


Unfortunately the classes are the one weak part of the book, with the Scald and Druid Defender classes seeming as fillers more than anything, However the Barbarian Beserker is well created and the Witch class saves this part from total disaster. The witch class (which can be either sex) use primal arcane powers from the moon. It is an excellent class and offers a whole array of possibilities.


The remainder has the standard Epic and magical items, but again these are well created and add to the flavour of the setting.


As I said at the beginning, this is the best character creation available. DM’s will get as much from this as characters and you have to wonder if the return of Monte Cook has been the inspiration for this renewed excellence. I would recommend this book to everyone and those who criticise 4E should read this book. I hope this is the taste of things to come and I feel fresh optimism for D&D.


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