Players Handbook

1989 - 256 pages

TSR 2101 - ISBN 0880387165

"This is the indispensable encyclopaedia of fantasy role-playing and also the perfect companion to the referee's 2nd Edition Dungeon Master's Guide. Everything players need is here: how to determine a character's Strength, Wisdom, Charisma, and other abilities; the differences among the various fantasy races, from elves and halflings to dwarves, gnomes, and others; complete rules for character improvement; the most advantageous mapping and combat procedures; and much more, all in this easy-to-use, revised version of the classic role-playing rulebook. With this 2nd Edition, the best-selling role-playing game in history gets even better!"

Player's Handbook (2nd ed. revised)

1995 - 320 pages - TSR 2159 - ISBN 0786903295

Reorganized, but the rules are still 2nd edition.


Dungeon Master's Guide

1989 - 192 pages

TSR 2100 - ISBN 0880387297

"This is the complete guide to being an AD&D game Dungeon Master. Whether you're running a single adventure or masterminding a complete fantasy campaign, the Dungeon Master's Guide is an absolute necessity. The 2nd Edition Dungeon Master's Guide puts all the information you need right at your fingertips - in a fresh, new format, fully indexed for your convenience. Here you'll learn all there is to know about magical spells and items, as well as monsters, combat, travel, NPCs, treasure, encounters, awarding experience, and more!"

Dungeon Master Guide (2nd ed. revised)

1995 - 256 pages - TSR 2160 - ISBN 0786903287


Forgotten Realms Adventures

1990 - Jeff Grubb & Ed Greenwood - 154 pages

TSR 2106 - ISBN 0880388285

This hardback served to update the Forgotten Realms campaign to AD&D 2nd edition rules.

"The coming of the Avatars and the Time of Troubles caused tremendous changes in the Forgotten Realms. Areas of dead magic and wild magic have appeared; character classes have been altered; new magical spells have been discovered; old gods have been slain and new ones arisen. All the changes and updates are incorporated into this one essential volume for FORGOTTEN REALMS players and dungeon masters alike. Get new information on specialty priests, currency, new weapons, and treasure. Take a detailed tour of the major cities of the heartland, from the Sword Coast to the Dragon Reach, including the Moonsea, the Dalelands, Cormyr, and Sembia. The most popular and intriguing fantasy world ever published gets even better with this fantastic supplement."



Legends & Lore (2nd edition)

1990 - James M. Ward & Troy Denning - 192 pages

TSR 2108 - ISBN 0880388447

"Add the grandeur of epic adventure to your AD&D game! Legends & Lore has now been revised for use with the AD&D 2nd Edition rules and expanded to 192 pages! It describes dozens of deities, heroes, and monsters from 11 different cultures. Special attention has been paid to the priests who worship the deities in this book. Each entry outlines the powers and spells granted to followers of a specific faith. In addition, you'll learn about the cultures that worship the deities within and be provided with new spells, magic items, and character classes. The revised Legends & Lore is a vital reference work for every serious AD&D game player!"




Tome of Magic

1991, 1996 - David Cook & Nigel Findley & Anthony Herring & Christopher Kubasik & Carl Sargent & Rick Swan - 160 pages

TSR 2121 - ISBN 1560761075

"Take your spellcasters to limits they have never reached before! With over two hundred new spells and magical items, the Tome of Magic stretches the horizons of every wizard and priest in the AD&D 2nd Edition game.

In these pages are new forms of wizard magic including elementalists, metamagic, and wild magic, plus expansions of existing schools. For priests, whole new spheres have been discovered - spheres of chaos, law, numbers, thought, time, war, and wards - and powerful new quest spells lie waiting to be tapped.

All characters will experience the thrill of discovering new magical items such as the claw of magic stealing, dimensional mine, crystal parrot, ring of randomness, and staff of the elements. Tome of Magic is an invaluable expansion for all the spellcasting classes!"


Book of Artifacts

1993 - David "Zeb" Cook - 160 pages

TSR 2138 - ISBN 1560766727

"Incredible magic for all campaigns! The Book of Artifacts will help every adventure reach new plateaus of mystery, danger, and epic excitement. Within these pages is the most complete collection of legendary and obscure artifacts ever assembled for the AD&D 2nd Edition game. Each enigmatic token or powerful relic has a detailed history, special powers that truly fit the theme of the item, and even tips on how to introduce - or remove - the artifact from a campaign.

New and valuable information is also included for characters who want to create magical items or recharge existing ones. Making that special magical sword or finding ingredients for that powerful potion can be the basis for whole adventures!

Whether the characters find the Machine of Lum the Mad or the Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty, the Book of Artifacts packs enough adventure between its covers to be an invaluable addition to every AD&D game!"


Monstrous Manual

1993, 1996 - 384 pages

TSR 2140 - ISBN 1560766190

"Need a monster? Look inside, where more than 300 new pieces of full colour art show what the monsters really look like!

This book contains more than 600 monsters, including all the creatures from the Monstrous Compendium Volumes 1 and 2! In addition, there are monsters from the other Monstrous Compendium Volumes, and some creatures never seen in the second edition AD&D Game before.

Entries have been reorganized, corrected, updated, and fully cross-referenced, to make this the most valuable monster reference ever!"



Player's Option: Skills & Powers

1995 - Douglas Niles & Dale A. Donovan - 192 pages

TSR 2154 - ISBN 0786901497

Softcover: 1997 ... ISBN 0786911492

"These pages hold the keys to humans who spot secret doors as easily as do elves, thieves who sense illusions, half-ogre sword masters, and a multitude of other unique characters. Player's Option Rulebooks present an alternative approach to AD&D® characters. Custom-craft your next PC, selecting the profession, skills, and abilities you want! Characters can even have additional ability scores such as Stamina, Muscle, Balance, and others. New proficiencies, talents, and updated psionics round out the Player's Option character. Be ready for anything with Skills & Powers!"




Player's Option: Combat & Tactics

1995 - L. Richard Baker III & Skip Williams - 192 pages (hardcover)

TSR 2149 - ISBN 0786900962

"Tired of your fighter doing nothing but trading swings with monsters? Are your dungeon denizens' tactics getting a little too routine? Need help setting up that siege of the evil overlord's castle? Then this is the book for you. This exciting expansion to the AD&D game contains rules and systems that will make your battles more vibrant and realistic. There are new rules covering critical hits, tactical options, and combat manoeuvres such as shield walls, disarms, and more! Complete weapons tables for all eras of play include lots of new weapons and revised characteristics for old ones. The Combat & Tactics system has been carefully designed to present sets of rules in easy-to-use modules that you pick and choose from and incorporate into your campaign. Regardless of which ones you do use, you'll find everything works with everything else.




Player's Option: Spells & Magic

1996 - Richard Baker - 192 pages

TSR 2163 - ISBN 0786903945

Softcover: 1997 ... ISBN 0786911484

"Does your wizard wish to create a powerful magical item or a potent new spell? What other effects does your priest's favourite offensive spell accomplish? Spells & Magic provides players and Dungeon Masters with expanded rules that are compatible with the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master Guide, and the rest of the Player's Option™ line of rulebooks. Within these pages you will find new spells and proficiencies for wizards and priests, plus further rules on spell research and magical item creation, new options for designing spellcasters, an alternate system of gaining and using spells, and much more. Use this book to bring out the full power and potential of any spellcasting character!"




Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaigns

1995 - Skip Williams - 192 pages

TSR 2156 - ISBN 0786901683

"What's a DM to do when the player characters in his campaign become so powerful that nothing in the world is a challenge for them anymore? Just what are the essential ingredients in an adventure geared toward high-level play?

Here is a trove of advice and new rules for every AD&D® game Dungeon Master who wishes to create adventures for truly legendary heroes. Find everything you need to create encounters that confound the craftiest wizard and chill the most valiant warrior's heart. Discover the power of True Dweomers, the mightiest spells ever. Build new realities for your heroes to explore. Learn how to conduct magical duels and oversee the creation of magical items. Expand the horizons of your gaming experience with High-Level Campaigns!"




Campaign Option: Council of Wyrms Setting

1999 - Bill Slavicsek - 208 pages

TSR 11383 - ISBN 0786913835

"Imagine that you are a dragon — possessing amazing abilities, deadly breath weapons, claws like long swords, and teeth like daggers.

This Campaign Option provides everything you need to create a campaign for dragon player characters, dragon kindred, half-dragons, and dragon slayers.

Every page has been updated and expanded from the original COUNCIL OF WYRMS™ boxed set and includes:

* Rules for creating dragon and kindred PCs Campaign details revealing the secrets of dragonkind

* New kits for dragon PCs

* A series of adventures designed to challenge the strongest dragon characters

* A 16-page full-colour section illustrating dragon size comparisons

* Details on all 15 metallic, chromatic, and gem dragons"


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